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A Sip of Knowledge with Darryl McNally, Master Distiller Extraordinaire!

Next week on ASOK we have a special treat - Darryl McNally, CEO/Master Distiller for Limavady Irish Whiskey! Darryl is an industry vet with over 23 years experience at various companies including Diageo and Pernod. I am sure the conversation will be both educational and entertaining...Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Kyrö Distillery

The ASOK world whisk(e)y tour continues as we chat with the lads, Jouni and Kalle, of Kyrö Distillery. Come learn about the fun and innovative things they are doing in Finland! #ryewhisky #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Iain and John of Arbikie Distillery

I love rye, there's no denying that, which is why next week on ASOK is going to be a treat. Join us as we chat with John and Iain Stirling of Arbikie Distillery - the first producers of rye whisky in Scotland. Check it out! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Chad and Sara of "It's Bourbon Night"

Next week on ASOK we host hosts of another whiskey show! YouTube sensations Chad Perkins and Sara Ahlgrim of "It's Bourbon Night" join us. Come sit in as we learn more about their series, why they do it, and more importantly, how bourbon brought them together. Check it out! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with the Garrison Brothers

Dan and Charlie Garrison (aka the Garrison Brothers) join us next week on ASOK! Our first brother duo since the Blaum's back in August, and although the bar is set high, I am sure that this conversation will be both educational and entertaining. Come learn about TX Bourbon, and how the Garrison's put their stamp on it! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Henry Preiss and Henric Molin

Another jam-packed session on ASOK next week. Not one, but two guests...Henry Preiss of Preiss Imports and Henric Molin, Founder of Spirit of Hven in Sweden! We will have the pleasure of tasting through and discussing some of Henric's award-winning whiskeys, and discussing the business of importing them and other internationally produced spirits into the US. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Kirby Kallas-Lewis, OOLA Distillery

Swing by the ASOK chat next week as we host Kirby Kallas-Lewis, Founder of OOLA Distillery! Not only are they the oldest distillery in Seattle, they were voted as Best Distillery of 2020 by Seattle Magazine Reader's Choice. Come learn more about what Kirby and team are up to! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Charles MacLean and Ross Morrison

An ASOK first, we re-welcome a guest! Renowned Whisky Author, Charles MacLean will be back on the show...but this time with Ross Morrison, Founder of the Scotch Bonnet. Excitedly, we will be getting a little technical next week as we chat evaporative loss during maturation and how the Scotch Bonnet technology can curtail this activity. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Nicole Austin, Cascade Hollow!

You won't want to miss this one, Nicole Austin joins us on ASOK! Excited to be co-hosting a former colleague. We will be digging into what super cool things are happening down in the Hollow. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Oskar Bruno, Agitator Whisky

Next week on ASOK will be super cool as we chat with Oskar Bruno of Sweden's Agitator Whisky! These guys are doing vacuum distillation on malt and rye...yep, next week's session will not suck. Join us!! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Jake Holshue, Rogue Ales and Spirits

Hold on to your hats kids, we're all in for a special trip next week on ASOK...we'll be hosting Jake Holshue of Rogue Ales and Spirits! Join us as we chat about US' first craft farmer, brewer, distiller, and cooperage. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Ian Chang and Eddie Ludlow, Karuizawa Distillers

Two for the price of one next week on ASOK! Ian Chang and Eddie Ludlow of Karuizawa Distillers joins the show, and with much excitement we will be exploring Japanese Whiskey and what sort of things they are up to at KD. Sign up and pull up a seat! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Michael Veach

Next week on ASOK we welcome on the show, famed Bourbon Writer and Historian, Mike Veach! Veach has written/ contributed to five books, and was inducted into the KY Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2006. Having worked in/ with some historic distilleries myself, I am excited for this enlightening (if not intoxicating) conversation. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Johnny Jeffery, Bently Heritage Estate Distillery

You don't want to miss this one! Next up on ASOK we will be hosting pal Johnny Jeffery, Head Distiller at Bently Heritage Estate Distillery and Co-Founder of Good Guy Distillers. We will be digging into the exciting things happening at BHED, and more importantly, we will be chatting about (and tasting) the GGD Vatted Single Malt, a collaboration project between several amazing distilleries. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Heather Greene

After a fabulous 1 year anniversary show this week, the ASOK train continues with some amazing guests coming up. Next week we host Heather Green, whiskey writer and now CEO of Milam and Greene Whiskey down in TX. Come hang with us for what I am sure will be an intoxicating chat. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dave Wondrich!

Next Tuesday on ASOK marks a special time in history...our one year anniversary! Yes, that's right, Marty, Lew, and I have been serving up the sips for one whole year, and we couldn't think of a better person to celebrate with: Dave Wondrich, renowned author and drinks historian. You won't want to miss this party, so sign up and pull up a chair! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Colin Spoelman, Kings County Distillery

Next week on ASOK we are joined by special guest, Colin Spoelman, Co-Founder and Distiller at Kings County Distillery. Tucked away in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, KCD has been whipping up some innovative whiskeys since 2010. Colin is also the co-author of The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining, a how-to manual for whiskey making and drinking, and Dead Distillers. Join in on this exciting show! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Andrew Weir, Aberlour Single Malt

Next week on ASOK will surely not be one to miss! Marty, Lew, and I will be hosting Andrew Weir, US Brand Leader for Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Come be entertained as we dive into Aberlour and learn more from actor turned scotch whisky expert. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Thornton Distilling Co.

Yes, that's right, not just one guest for next Tuesday...two fabulous guests!! Andrew Howell, Founder of TDC and Head Distiller, Ari Klafter joins us on ASOK for an intoxication conversation. We will be digging into their operation and it's pre-Prohibition history, so join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Charles MacLean, Scotch Whisky Author

Well, well, well, do we have a show in store for Tuesday! That's right, renowned Scotch Whisky Author, Charles MacLean joins us on ASOK next week. Author of 17 books, founding editor of Whisky Magazine, film star of The Angel's Share, and so much more. Join us next week for this intoxicating conversation! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

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