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A Sip of Knowledge with Marianne Eaves!

Next Tuesday will sure to be a special treat as Marty, Lew, and I host Marianne Eaves, former Master Distiller of Castle and Key (and first female bourbon MD since Prohibition)! That's right, ASOK kicks it up a notch with not one, but two free agent female distillers. Join us as we catch up with Marianne and learn about some of her recent endeavors. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dr. Nick Savage, Master Distiller at Bladnoch Distillery

Marty, Lew, and I will be hosting another fabulous guest on the show next Tuesday! I had the pleasure of working with Nick several years ago at Diageo. Since, he has popped around Scotland at a few different distilleries. Come join us as we catch up with Nick and learn more about the Bladnoch Distillery and liquids. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Todd Leopold of Leopold Bros.

Come hang out with the gang, Marty, Lew, and I as we host this stellar guy - the one and only - Todd Leopold! I am sure we will chat rye, but also get the download on their new malthouse and expansion. See you there! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Brent Elliott, Master Distiller at Four Roses!

Wowzers, well Marty, Lew, and I are getting amped up to chat with Brent Elliott on Tuesday! Not only is Brent the Master Distiller for Four Roses, he was named 2020 Master Distiller/ Blender of the Year at the Icons of Whisky America. Sign-up and listen in; I am sure it will be a bourbon-soaked treat. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Raj Sabharwal, Glass Revolution Imports

Come join Marty, Lew, and I as we host a very exciting guest next Tuesday, Raj Sabharwal of Glass Revolution Imports! Glass Revolution was the first to import Single Malt Whiskies from India (i.e. Amrut), Czech, England and Australia, into the USA; listen in as we discuss world whisk(e)ys and emerging markets. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Frank McHardy!!

Marty, Lew, and I can't wait for this!! Whisk(e)y legend himself, Frank McHardy everyone. Come join us in spirited conversation next Tuesday, as we chat with Frank about his career and the distilleries and whisk(e)s he's touched over the years. #WhiskeyMasterClass #glencairn

A Sip of Knowledge with Steve Bashore, George Washington Distillery

Join the gang - Marty, Lew, and I - next week as we take a trip back in time with Steve Bashore, Director of Historic Trades at George Washington's Distillery in Mt Vernon. Just to recap: watermills, historic distillery, Bashore. Sign-up and Tune-in!! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Peter Mulryan, Founder of Blackwater Distillery

Next week we will be touring the Irish Whiskey scene once again, as Marty, Lew, and I host Peter Mulryan! As an accomplished TV producer, author, and now Founder and CEO of Blackwater Distillery, the conversation is sure to be packed full of interesting and spirited tidbits. See you there! #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dave Broom, World Whisky Author

Marty, Lew, and I will be kicking-off September in style, as we host the one and only, Dave Broom! Earlier this year I got the very special privilege of presenting at the World Whisky Forum, where Dave so fantastically moderated (naturally). This time around, the tables are turned and we will be asking all of the questions to Dave... join us for the Sip (or two)! #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Brendan McCarron of Glenmorangie and Ardbeg

Marty, Lew, and I are back next week to host A Spirited Conversation with a very special guest - Brendan McCarron, Head of Matured Stocks for Glenmorangie and Ardbeg! Come tune in on August 25th as we chat with Brendan about what's it like working on these brands and liquids...and we will likely get a little geeky as well. #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass #scotch

A Sip of Knowledge with Tom Johnson of the Aroma Academy

I am so stoked to get a little nerdy next week as Lew, Marty, and I host Tom Johnson of the Aroma Academy. Sensory will be the name of the game, so get yourself signed-up! We will be chatting about their appraisal kits, rye vs bourbon, and maybe some parting thoughts on "distillery terroir." See you all there! #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Matt and Mike Blaum of Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.

Next week A Spirited Conversation continues as Marty, Lew, and I will be sharing the screen with two awesome guys - Matt and Mike Blaum! Sign up and tune in Tuesday August, 11th, to hear all about their fantastic distillery in my home state of IL. #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass #blaumbrosdistillery

A Sip of Knowledge with Fionnán O'Connor, Irish Whiskey Author and Historian

Not only am I excited that Fionnán takes safety seriously (nice glasses), I am over the moon that we get to chat with him next week. Tune in with the usual suspects, Martin Duffy, Lew Bryson, and I on Tuesday August 4th for another Spirited Conversation! Sláinte! #whiskey #irishwhiskey #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Jamie Duffy of The Collective by Thoroughbred

Marty, Lew, and I are absolutely thrilled to be hosting next week's guest, Jamie Duffy of the Collective by Thoroughbred! We will be learning more about how they are helping to build & guide brands in the market to ensure success, especially within this dynamic environment. Sign-up and join the Spirited Conversation. Cheers! #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Colin Blake of Moonshine University

A Spirited Conversation gets an extra dose of "brainy" next Tuesday (1 pm eastern) as Martin Duffy, Lew Bryson, and I are joined by Colin Blake, Director of Spirits Education at Moonshine University. Don't miss out, sign-up with the link below! #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Monique Huston, VP of Wholesale Spirits at Winebow

A Spirited Conversation continues tomorrow as Martin Duffy, Lew Bryson, and I chat with Monique Huston! Distribution is a key element to the alcoholic beverage industry, and I'll be excited to learn more about it. Sign-up and listen in. #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass

A Sip of Knowledge with Paul Hletko of FEW Spirits!

Every Tuesday I am joined by two talented and fabulous guys, Martin Duffy and Lew Bryson, as we host A Spirited Conversation - the Good, the Bad, and the Brainy. Our whisk(e)y-centric chats are geeky, fun, informative, and a little witty! Next week the conversation continues with another talented and fabulous guy, Paul Hletko, Founder of FEW Spirits. Sign up and tune in: #glencairn #WhiskeyMasterClass #FEWspirits

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