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A Sip of Knowledge with Polly Watts, Owner of The Avenue Pub

Next Tuesday on ASOK we'll be (virtually) traveling down to the Big Easy to have a chat with Polly Watts at The Avenue Pub about how the drinks industry has been holding up in New Orleans. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Andrea Stanley, Owner of Valley Malt and Ground Up Grain

I am especially excited for our next guest on ASOK - Andrea Stanley, Owner of Valley Malt and Ground Up Grain! Since 2009, she has been on a mission to bring the malthouse back and turn local grains into local malt for craft brewers and distillers in New England. In 2016, Andrea was honored by Food and Wine and Forbes Magazine as one of the 20 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink. Local ag = local booze. It's going to be a great chat...join us! #glencairn #whiskeymastercla

A Sip of Knowledge with Liza Weisstuch, Whisky Writer Extraordinaire!

Next week on ASOK Liza Weisstuch joins the party! Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Whisky Advocate, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian, and Daily Beast. She’s the U.S. contributing editor to Whisky Magazine. We will be chatting about how whisky writing and whisky magazines have influenced the industry. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Andy Nash, Group Marketing Director of Whiskies for Proximo Spirits

Come join us next Tuesday as we welcome on Andy Nash onto the show! As Group Brand Director for whiskies at Proximo, Andy leads the US marketing strategy for iconic brands such as Bushmills together with fast growing brands like Pendleton, Tincup, Stranahan’s, and The Sexton. Come learn about some of these exciting brands and an all around chat on the whisk(e)y industry! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with George Grant, Glenfarclas

Next Tuesday on ASOK we will be chatting scotch, as George Grant, Sales Director at Glenfarclas join on. George is the 6th generation of the Grant family to act as custodians for the Glenfarclas Distillery, so I am sure we will be getting some true behind the scenes insights into the distilleries history and whiskies. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Mike Swanson, Får North Spirits

Next Tuesday is the last session of the Technical Takeover on ASOK. Last, but certainly not the least, we dig into one of my favorite topics, Secale cereale (aka rye), with Mike Swanson, owner and head distiller at Får North Spirits. We will be chatting about his rye research collaborations and the Seed Vault Series, among other things I'm sure. Join us for a riveting chat on rye! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Martin Laberge, Distillery Manager at Diageo Global Supply Valleyfield!

The Technical Takeover continues next Tuesday as we host a very special guest, Martin Laberge! I have had the privilege of distilling with Martin at his site in Quebec over my time at Diageo, and am very excited that he will be joining ASOK next week. Hop into the conversation as we take a deep-dive into distillation and Canadian Whisky. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #canadianwhisky

A Sip of Knowledge with Andrew Wiehebrink, Independent Stave Co.

Continuing on with the ASOK Technical Takeover, this Tuesday Marty, Lew, and I welcome Andrew Wiehebrink onto the virtual stage! With the Director of Spirit Research and Innovation at the Independent Stave Co. on the show, you guessed it, we'll be getting real serious about Quercus and casks. It'll be a barrel full of fun - join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dr. Pat Heist!

For the month of February, I'll be leading the charge on ASOK with a technical takeover. That's right, for the month of love we will be getting intimate with the whisk(e)y making process. Kicking things off to talk all things yeast and fermentation will be Dr. Pat Heist co-founder of both Wilderness Trail Distillery and Ferm Solutions, Inc. Join Marty, Lew, and I on Tuesday for the party! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dr. Nick Morgan!

Next Tuesday, ASOK gets classed up a bit as the Dr. Nick Morgan graces us with his presence and knowledge. Marty, Lew, and I are extremely excited to have him on, as we chat history of Scotch and his new book "A Long Stride, the Story of the World’s No 1 Scotch Whisky." As a fellow Diageo alumnus, it will be great to reminisce and tuck into conversation with Dr. Nick next don't miss out! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart, Owner of Koval

Professor turned distiller, Dr. Sonat Hart joins Marty, Lew, and I on ASOK next Tuesday. Since opening up shop in 2008, Koval is now one of the largest independent and women-owned craft distilleries in the US! Of course not turning away from her roots, they also offer educational workshops at the distillery. We will be sure to chat about that, amongst many other topics! Join us. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Raymond Davidson, Founder of Glencairn Crystal

Next Tuesday ASOK brings on Raymond Davidson, Founder of Glencairn Crystal. Our industry would definitely be a little different without that iconic glass! Sign-up and tune in as Marty, Lew, and I chat crystal. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Mike Miller, Owner of Delilah's!

Marty, Lew, and I couldn't be kicking off ASOK 2021 with a better guest! Join us next Tuesday for the one and only Mike Miller, owner of the one and only Delilah's in Chicago. It will for sure be entertaining, so sign up and listen in! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

ASOK's Last Sip for 2020 - with Jake Hukee and Wilson Torrres!

That's right, not one guest, but two guests next Tuesday at 1 pm ET: Jake Hukee of Starward Whisky and Wilson Torres of Union Horse Distilling! ASOK is ending the year with a bang. Join Marty, Lew, and I as we take a moment to reflect the year in whiskey, and say "peace" to 2020. It certainly has been a crazy ride, and am glad I had these two characters around to keep it interesting along the way. Cheers! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Stephen Gould, Proprietor & Master Distiller at Golden Moon Distillery

Another "brainy" joins the show next week as Marty, Lew, and I host Stephen Gould of Golden Moon Distillery. The conversation should be intense and exciting as we learn more about what Stephen has going on at his Colorado distillery, and his involvement throughout the industry. Sign up and tune in friends! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Rick Wasmund, Founder of Copper Fox Distillery

Next Tuesday Marty, Lew, and I welcome Rick Wasmund, Founder and Managing Member of Copper Fox Distillery onto the show. 15 years into the biz, we will learn all about what CFDE has going on. Of the topics of conversation, inquiring about their floor malting will be the top of my list I'm sure. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Steve Beam, President of Limestone Branch Distillery

This ought to be exciting! I have heard so many good things from my co-hosts about this guy, that I can hardly wait for this episode of ASOK. Sign-up and tune-in ya'll as we get into it with Steve Beam, President of Limestone Branch. #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Louise McGuane, Founder of J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey

Join the ASOK gang next Tuesday as we host Founder of J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey, Louise McGuane. I had the pleasure of meeting Louise earlier this year and was blown away by the story of J.J. Corry and her passion for it. Don't miss out on this one as we will be exploring the resurgence of Irish Whiskey and the lost art of Irish Whiskey Bonding. See you there! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with Dr. Don Livermore, Master Blender Hiram Walker and Sons

I am thankful for...Canadian Whisky (and the ASOK crew of course)! Join Marty, Lew, and I next Tuesday as we host 2019 and 2020's Canadian Whisky Master Blender of the Year, Dr. Don Livermore. Sign-up, tune-in, and prepare yourself for a long pour with our guest next Tuesday. Cheers! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

A Sip of Knowledge with John McKee, Headframe Spirits

Team ASOK gets a little bit cooler next week as we host, John McKee Co-founder-owner of Headframe Spirits and Headframe Spirits MFG! Passionate, caring, fun-loving, and smart as a whip...these are only some of the adjectives I would put on the list for this guy. Column stills, the state of American Single malt, and who are the Good Guy Distillers...don't miss out on this one! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass

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