A Sip of Knowledge with High Wire Distilling

Next week on ASOK is going to be great! Join us as we host Ann Marshall and Scott Blackwell, founders/ owners of High Wire Distilling, based in South Carolina. This duo have been pushing the bounds in the craft distilling industry, with their revitalization of Jimmy Red corn taking the cake. Join us! #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

A Sip of Knowledge with Alex Clark, Fort Hamilton Distillery

Up next, more chat on rye whiskey in the North East! Alex Clark, Founder of Fort Hamilton Distillery, joins us on ASOK next week to share with us what it's like making Empire Rye in Brooklyn. Check it out! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

A Sip of Knowledge with WhistlePig!

Next week on ASOK we have a special treat...we're chatting with the distillery team at WhistlePig Whiskey!! Emily and Meghan will join the show, and share with us what it's like working with this super innovative brand, and what might be in store for the future. Join us!! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky #whistlepig

A Sip of Knowledge with Gregg Snyder, Chicken Cock Whiskey

For the last show of 2021, we welcome on Gregg Snyder, Master Distiller at Chicken Cock Whiskey. This historic whiskey brand has such a unique and storied past; come hang out with us as we chat with Gregg on what it's been like reviving the brand, and what's in store for the future. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

A Sip of Knowledge with Brad Kraus, Pedro Mandinga

Our boy Brad joins us next week on ASOK! Brewer and distiller friend has been a loyal viewer to our show over the months, and we are so excited that he will finally join us as our guest. Come check it out as we chat Panamanian whiskey and spirits! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

A Sip of Knowledge with Lost Lantern

This week on ASOK we welcome the team behind Lost Lantern - Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski! We'll be chatting with them about independent bottling and how they source and blend to make some amazing whiskeys. Join us! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

A Sip of Knowledge with Dr. Nick Morgan

Dr. Nick Morgan joins us on ASOK next week for the 2nd time! We will be chatting with him about his new book "Everything You Need to Know About Whisky (but too afraid to ask)." Check it out! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

A Sip of Knowledge with Josh Wortman, Distill Ventures NA

Next week on ASOK, we're chatting with Josh Wortman of Distill Ventures NA. As Whiskey Portfolio Director he supports Founders and Entrepreneurs as they work to build global whiskey brands of the future. Come learn all about that! #glencairn #whiskeymasterclass #whiskey #whisky

Scent Memories vs The Communal Lexicon - Bringing Objectivity into Sensory

Check out my latest article on the value of a communal lexicon in your sensory program. Extremely humbled that Moonshine U asked me to write this for them and grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge with the industry! Want to learn more about how a robust sensory program can ensure quality and consistency in your distillery, please reach out to discuss! Cheers! #whiskey #whisky #sensoryanalysis

Check out my latest article - The Art of the Cut

This one is coming at you via Artisan Spirit first in-print publication! Readers will learn the what, why, and how around the technical artistry of making cuts during the batch distillation process. Although you can view via their web-based reader (link below), I would definitely recommend subscribing to their quarterly magazine. Trust me, you won't regret it. Also special thank you to John McKee, of Headframe Spirits, and Johnny Jeffery of Bently Heritage Es